About Us

Our Story

National Home Guaranteed was established in 2013 and is proud of its roots in the Rocky Mountains of Utah. With the growing need of Home Warranty in the thriving commerce throughout America, the officers of this company decided to bring back what was once popular... a “local feeling” Home Warranty company with old fashioned customer service that we all expect and are accustomed to. Within the home office is a combined knowledge of 40+ years in the specific Home Warranty arena and 80+ years of residential real estate and construction service experience. Their success has been built around a foundation of basic principles dedicated to providing a supreme Home Warranty product, backed by a responsive, courteous, fair and sensitive staff which provides uncompromising service to each and every customer. Supported with a substantial investment capability, National Home Guaranteed has its’ sights set on expanding their unique business model.

Having been involved in the Home Warranty industry in the past, one of our Principals was in the home service contract arena, going back to the 1980s. In those first years, typically, the industry was lucky to get 2 home warranties out of 10 home sales. Now, with the consumer understanding how important this product is, the use has jumped to 7 out of 10 using the product. Not only is a Home Warranty used during the listing and selling of homes, it has become a common annual coverage for homeowners year to year, just like their auto, fire insurance or normal day to day insurance obligations. National Home Guaranteed is lucky enough to have past sales associates, claims professionals and even one past Officer in the National Home Warranty Association join our team to bring the best Home Warranty on the market backed by uncompromising customer service.

As our Mission Statement portrays, whenever there is a benefit of a doubt on the coverage for one of our customers, the customer will prevail!


  • Address: 5645 South Waterbury Way Suite D-200 Salt Lake City, UT 84121
  • Direct telephone: 1-800-597-0552 (Orders, claims, information, 24/7)